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Operational Readiness Director

Unique opportunity for seasoned Operational Readiness leaders with expertise in driverless metros to ensure seamless transition through strategic oversight, coordinating across multifaceted project streams.


Company Size:

Salary Range: 

Public Transportation

10,000+ Employees

250/300K Package + Bonus


Job Type:


Full Time

Job Description

About the company
Our client is a prominent global transportation company with a growing presence in Australia.
Their core activity is to operate and maintain urban and interurban transport networks.
The company’s expertise extends to designing, building, and operating transportation networks, as well as offering consulting services to improve existing systems.
With over 24,000 employees across 15 countries, they have established themselves as a leader in the industry, providing reliable and efficient transport solutions to communities across the globe.

About the Role
The primary purpose of the role is to ensure the successful transition of the SM-WSA (Sydney Metro Western Sydney Airport) project into operational readiness. This will include:

· Coordinates the activities across various streams within the project.

· Manages the O&M program plan within the broader context of the Parklife Metro planning (which encompasses both Design & Construction and O&M phases)

· Budget Adherence and Contract Compliance

Proactively identify and mitigate risks that could impact operational readiness.


I/ Before Trial Operations:

• Assess, keep developing and maintain/update the O&M readiness program to enable the O&M readiness for:

  o Testing & Commissioning and Trial Operations phases

  o Coordination among all internal stakeholders

  o People, Documentation, IT/OT Tools, Procurement, Accreditations, Stakeholder Management readiness

• Develop and implement risk mitigation strategies

• Interfacing with Design & Construction

• Develop all necessary processes and documentation for the start of trial operations

• Provide inputs/guidelines for D&C regarding O&M readiness activities

• Represents the O&M in all O&M readiness topics and forums:

  o Clarify the milestones to T&C phase and Trial Operations phase

  o  Flag risks/issues and mitigate them

  o  Develop the O&M readiness management plan

  o  Demonstrate compliance to each Sydney Metro Requirements

  o  Clarify all key activities to be undertaken prior to T&C and Trial Operations

  o  Integrate O&M key stakeholder plans into the readiness program including:

     § Emergency services (FRNSW, NSW Police Force, RFS, NSW Ambulance

     §  airport (WSA) including the RID

     §  Other Transport operators (Sydney Trains, taxi, ride share and busses)

     §  Subcontractors (Siemens CS,…)

II/ During Trial Operations:

• Lead the Trial Operations activities and ensure we reach our targets as per contractual obligations, with the support of all the directors

• Organise the day-to-day activities of the Trial operations phase of the O&M readiness program (roasters, test case scenarios, participation of external stakeholders)

• Ensure all people have the right level of information/ the right tools and equipment/ the right training to participate in the Trial Operations

• Undertake a daily review and reporting on the planned testing outcomes, replan failed tests and lessons learnt

About You

  • 5-10 years of relevant experience in driverless metros mandatory

  • Demonstrated knowledge and skills in working on a go-live project

  • Demonstrated experience in Operational Readiness planning and delivery

  • Background in Operations Management, Interface Management, Program Integration/Implementation in the Rail/Transportation sector is mandatory

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