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Ilan Sebban

15+ years of shaping careers and lives

I am a seasoned recruitment partner, and my passion lies in connecting top-tier talents with visionary clients to help them thrive, achieve their goals, and elevate their performance to new heights.


I heard someone said one day that you don't choose recruitment, recruitment chooses you. Or something around those lines.

Well this was definitetly my case since when I was approached by one of the biggest recruitment firm 15 years ago. Back then I was dedicating myself to a promising career in Sales, but Recruitment knocked at my door...

Since then I have been obsessed with one thing - Perfecting the art of spotting & hunting unicorns.

I have successfully navigated the intricate landscapes of IT, Renewable Energy, Engineering, Construction, Infrastructure, Telco and Project Services industries, impacting both the Australian and French markets.


My sweet spot - mid level appointments up to senior executives.

Exposure to such wide range of sectors throughout my career brought me a wealth of benefits such as diverse and broader perspective, how to apply transferable skills across different sectors, extensive networks and adaptability and versatility. I use these knowledge and experience to bring a fresher, think-outside-of-the box approach to my clients too.


Transforming lives through pushing recruiting boundaries

I envision a world where every individual has the opportunity to thrive in their chosen career.

REC — Resilience, Excellence, and Collaboration — are the cornerstones of my vision.

These are also the questions I constantly keep in mind to ensure the best customer experience possible.


My goal is to be the go-to partner for both clients and candidates, known for my expertise, profound cultural acumen, and unwavering commitment to helping people achieve their goals.




What process & framework am I using to persistently navigate the dynamic landscape of talent acquisition, adapt to market shifts and client needs with determination and a forward-thinking approach?



Am I consistently delivering high-quality, swift recruitment services, ensuring top talent matches for each client?



How effectively am I collaborating with clients and candidates to fully understand and meet their needs, and fostering successful partnerships?

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