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Our Partnerships

Hydraulic Equipment

Australian-owned company specialised in delivering high-quality hydraulic, lubrication, and pneumatic solutions, primarily serving the mining sector.
Based in Queensland, the company excels in filtration and fluid transfer technologies and operating robust on-site and workshop facilities. Recognised for setting industry benchmarks in reliability and efficiency, the company is committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality.
It promotes an inclusive workplace culture that supports career growth and development, continually offering innovative and practical solutions to enhance industrial operations.

Corporate Advisory

Sydney based corporate advisory firm that provides strategy advisory, capital advisory, and deal advisory services to intellectual property and people-based businesses. The firm caters to industries including Information Technology, Consulting Services, Media, and Communication.

Building Materials Manufacturer

With over 40 years of experience, this leading steel building products manufacturer and supplier offers premium metal roofing and wall panels tailored to diverse applications.
Their unwavering dedication ensures that every project, whether complex industrial structures or simple shed roofs, receives the expertise it deserves, standing as a beacon of reliability and quality in the Australian steel building industry.

Luxury Cruise Line

French cruise line with over 35 years of expertise in luxury expedition cruises, offering immersive experiences in destinations ranging from polar regions like Antarctica and the Arctic, as well as destinations in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, South America, Asia, and more.
Company ships are known for their upscale amenities, personalized service, and focus on exploration and adventure travel. They operate small-capacity ships led by destination experts, providing discerning travelers with unique and sustainable journeys.

Global Retailer

Global major player in the sporting goods industry, with a large number of stores worldwide.
The company employs over 20,000 people to support its diverse operations, including retail, design, manufacturing, and distribution. They are recognized for thiei commitment to making sports accessible to people of all ages and skill levels.
The group is characterized by its focus on affordable and quality sporting goods, often developing its brands for specific sports. The company's business model emphasizes in-house design, production, and distribution, allowing it to control costs and maintain competitive pricing.

IT Consulting Partner

Reputed player in the Salesforce Consulting partners ecosystem, this company is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge IT solutions to Mid-Market and Enterprise customers.
They are a multi-awarded Platinum (Summit) Salesforce Partner with over a decade of experience servicing clients all across Australia. Strategically situated in Sydney and Melbourne, they boast a robust presence in various vertical markets including Financial Services, Public Sector, Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing, and Retail & Consumer Goods.
The company prides itself on fostering a culture of excellence, encouraging innovation, and creating lasting differences for their customers.

Public Transportation

Prominent transportation company with a growing presence in Australia.
Their core activity is to operate and maintain urban and interurban transport networks.
With over 24,000 employees in 15 countries through over 110 subsidiaries and the backing of a global leader in public transportation, they provide performance, dynamism, and reliability to customers and passengers on their networks.
They have established themselves as a leader in the industry, providing reliable and efficient transport solutions to communities across the globe.

Integrated Advertising Agency

Fully integrated marketing agency based in Melbourne and part of the largest australian-owned media group, this agency specialise in creating innovative advertising campaigns for their clients across a range of industries, from Transport and Logistics to Retail and everything in between.
The team is made up of passionate, creative professionals who are committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients.

Geotech & Civil Engineering

Pioneering firm specializing in advanced ground improvement and geotechnical solutions, serving both Australia and New Zealand. With a strong reputation for excellence in safety, quality, and environmental management, the company is dedicated to delivering superior engineering projects.
They value a culture that is family-oriented, emphasizes a healthy work-life balance, and is people-focused—ensuring that dedication and hard work are met with substantial support and rewards.

Satellite Operator

Innovative satellite operator is transforming high-speed broadband access across SEA and Pacific regions. Established in 2013, the company is committed to bridging the digital divide by offering high-speed, high-quality, and affordable broadband services, especially in remote and underserved areas.
Their mission goes beyond mere internet provision; it aims to empower communities, enhance economic opportunities, and support vital services, truly embodying its ethos of connecting the unconnected.

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